LEXUS:the glory start from now on!

2017-09-11 18:25:43 szlamp 3

LEXUS:the glory start from now on!

The Pursuit of Perfection!


Inner arc screen: 8640mmx3456mm (WxH);Radius:2750mm

Outer arc screen: 3456mm x2304mm (WxH);Radius:3750mm

There are two powers in nature. They are the gifts of nature.

The power of equanimity is one of them. It is peaceful, gentle and serene. Take a deep breath before jumping and you’ll feel it.

And the other one is the power of eruption, which was born to be deep and wild, pushing us move towards success.

However, such "stillness “and "movement" can occur not only in nature, but also in LEXUS, a legendary car brand.


There are three colors in nature. They stem from the nature light.

The glamour, ardent and splendid red can be unstoppable passion which encourages us go on.

The glittery wonderful and glimmering yellow indicates the harvest and values our efforts.

The inclusive vast and grateful blue inspires us improve ourselves day by day.

However, these three colors do exist not only in nature, but also in LAMP TECH, a brilliant photoelectric manufacturer


LAMP TECH and LEXUS joined hands in making an amazing car show in Taiwan. The collision of power and lighting brings viewers a stunning and perfect visual effect.